Interactive Alarm Monitoring Apps for Honeywell Vista 20p System?

The Honeywell Vista 20p is one of the most popular wired security systems around today. One of the most frequently asked questions is what interactive apps can be used with the Vista 20p? Currently, there are a couple of interactive app options for the 20p that allow users to control their security system remotely from their smart devices and we are going to go over them today.

The first option is via Honeywell Total Connect - Total Connect is Honeywell's official interactive application for all of their security systems. This is a good option for anyone looking to upgrade their Honeywell Vista 20p security system. What makes Total Connect an amazing interactive application is its ability to allow security companies such as GEOARM to remotely program the entire security system without ever having to send someone on site. In addition, Total Connect 2.0 is the advanced interactive software available for the Vista 20p which will allow end users to remotely arm/disarm the system, receive text/email notifications, change user codes, bypass sensors, control z-wave automation devices, view Honeywell IP cameras and more!   
In order to use Total Connect with your Honeywell Vista 20p security system, you must have a Honeywell Internet, Cellular or Dual Path alarm communicator.

Furthermore, there are two versions of Total connect 1.0 and 2.0.

Total Connect 1.0 - requires a revision of at least 3.0 on your prom chip. Total Connect 1.0 is the older of the two version as it has been out for quite some time now. With Total Connect 1.0, you will lack the ability to view IP cameras and no Z-Wave home automation control making 1.0 much less appealing. Honeywell will be deleting this feature very soon if they have not already so you will probably have to go a different route besides Total Connect 1.0. Read all of our options listed below.

Total Connect 2.0 - requires a revision of 9.12 or better on your prom chip which is located on the green motherboard of the Vista 20p. Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 is the latest software that Honeywell has produced and is able to utilize home automation and IP camera capabilities. If you are looking to add these features, Z-Wave capabilities can be added by installing either a Tuxedo Touch keypad or using a VAM "Vista Automation Module". As far as IP Cameras you must add Honeywell IP Cameras and carry an internet connection.

If your Honeywell Vista 20p currently doesn't have the correct revision number you can decide to purchase one of our cellular alarm communicators or a  dual path alarm communicators that will come with a brand new updated EPROM chip as well as the communicator of your choice. By doing this you have a brand new Vista 20p security system and unlock the doors to all of the features that Total Connect 2.0 has to offer.


The second option for interactive abilities with your Honeywell Vista 20p is via IpDatatel alarm communicators:

IpDatatel has interactive abilities which are pretty detailed however not as user-friendly as Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com. Nevertheless, the firmware revision number must be 2.6 or higher on your Honeywell Vista 20p system in order to have IPdatatel interactive alarm monitoring abilities.

In addition, you also must have a compatible Ipdatadel alarm communicator. This option will also allow for Z-Wave home automation devices but, requires a RE6100s-xx-z Z-Wave home automation receiver 
that gets connected to your wireless internet router. This option will also allow for IPdatatel DIY alarm monitoring services which are where end users will be responsible for dispatching their authorities in the event they receive a triggered alarm notification to their smart devices.

The third option for interactive abilities on the Vista 20p is with the Telguard TG-1 Express universal cellular communicator line. 

The Telguard TG-1 Express can also provide Telguard interactive alarm monitoring services with the 20p however it is not as robust as Total Connect 2.0 or IpDatatel and has some limitations. There is not to be believed any firmware requirement for using this application. In order to utilize this option, your Honeywell Vista 20p must have an available zone because the TG-1 will need to be wired a specific way to obtain these features. End users can also enjoy Telguard DIY alarm monitoring services which are where they will monitor their own alarm signals and do their own dispatching in the event of a triggered alarm.

There is now a fourth option for interactive alarm monitoring service with your smartphone while using a Honeywell Vista 20p wired security system. I introduce the Honeywell Vista Alarm.com SEM or (system enhancement module). The SEM module is one of the greatest inventions in the home security market ever. The Alarm.com SEM module serves as a cellular communicator that transmits data from the alarm panel back to the central alarm monitoring station while allowing for usage with the Alarm.com interactive alarm monitoring services application. 

What makes the SEM wonderful is its ability to allow security companies such as GEOARM to remotely program the entire security system without ever having to send someone on site. One of the biggest advantages to the Alarm.com SEM module is that it comes with the Z-Wave radio built directly into the module. So instead of having to purchase a Honeywell VAM or Tuxedo WI-FI 
 touchscreen keypad you simply just add the system enhancement module. The Alarm.com Honeywell Vista SEM also comes in an Alarm.com Vista SEM LTE option which stands for long-term evolution. This basically means that you will get a few more years out of the communicator. End users with this option will also have the ability to use Alarm.com DIY alarm monitoring services. DIY alarm monitoring services basically mean that end users will receive text/email notifications on their smart devices. If they receive an alarm notification they will then do the dispatching themselves.


The Alarm.com Vista SEM is compatible with Honeywell Vista 20p panels, Honeywell/ADEMCO VISTA-20PSIA, First Alert FA168CPS, First Alert FA168CPSSIA systems that were built from 2005+.

The best thing about this option is that you will not need to swap out the EPROM chip as long as the panel is from 2005+ To find out whether your system is compatible you must open the big brown box and look on the green motherboard: shown in the image below:


When you add an Alarm.com Vista SEM module to the mix you are unlocking so many features including remote arm/disarm, text/email notifications, allow for remote access to tech support, z-wave home automation devices control and the ability to view Alarm.com Wireless IP Cameras

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