What is Alarm.com Crash and Smash Feature?


Because of built-in entry delays in most security systems today, intruders often have anywhere between 5-45 seconds to find and damage the panel. This is a Crash & Smash event.

With Crash & Smash Protection along with Alarm.com monitoring services, you can rest assured that if your alarm panel is damaged, our central station will still be notified immediately. It’s a security system for your security system!

How does Alarm.com Smash proof work?

When an intruder enters the property, an Entry Delay signal is transmitted to the Alarm.com Network Operations Center (NOC). The Alarm.com NOC is then expecting to receive a Disarm signal with a few minutes. When it doesn’t receive the signal, the NOC then sends a suspected Crash & Smash signal to our central station to alert the police.

The Alarm.com Advantage

Alarm.com can detect security system destruction during:

  • Entry Delay
  • Dialer Delay
  • Alarm Dialing

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