Honeywell Security Product FAQ's

What does FC Mean on my Home Security System?

If your home security system is showing FC on the display this means that your security system is having difficulties communicating its signals back to the monitoring station. In most cases FC is found on Honey...

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Can I upgrade my cellular Communications on my Honeywell Security System?

Several Honeywell systems are available to upgrade their cellular communications, This is a breakdown of what is able to upgrade and what must be done to allow this update. The Honeywell Vista 21ip must be at...

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Can I Use Compass Software to Program my Security System?

Currently, the Compass software is only issued to authorized Honeywell dealers and this product is specifically designed to remotely program security systems. GEOARM does not and cannot authorize user access us...

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What is Honeywell Advanced Protection Logic "APL"?

Honeywell Advanced Protection Logic "APL" also known as smash proof or crash and smash protection is available with LYNX and LYRIC series wireless security panels. Honeywell's APL is a wonderful addition to any...

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What Alarm Communications are compatible with my Honeywell / First Alert / Safewatch Panel?

Honeywell has many alarm communicators that are compatible with their systems. Sometimes its difficult to decipher what will work with each individual panel. We have a guide available that will help guide our c...

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Cellular Antenna for Honeywell Verizon CDMA Communicators?

If you have a Honeywell LYNX Plus L3000 and have been wanting to put a CDMA-L3 Verizon CDMA cellular alarm communicator or a Honeywell Vista series security system that is compatible with the CDMA-X or CDMAX-TC...

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